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A personal organizational &
concierge service


When schedules are packed and demands are more than you can manage, I am here to help.

How Can I Help You?

How can I help?


Soothing words when you have unanticipated projects or challenges and need an extra set of hands.  

I am committed to relieving you of the unmanageable and stressful tasks that are keeping you up at night.

Let's knock those items off of your 'to-do' list.


When schedules are packed and demands are more than you can manage, I partner with you to take special care of your  small projects, piles of paperwork, organization needs, unplanned home situations and priorities when you are on location or are simply too busy. I am particularly skilled at gently managing elder parents who are either moving  in or out of their homes.

Your ally and personal concierge.


I serve clients that are time-starved with personal, career, social and family commitments. With no agenda other than taking care of your organizational needs or the tasks on your to-do list, I am prepared and happy to assist.

My schedule is flexible, I expect the unexpected without much ado and am simply here to help . 

Who I am and what I do.


My name is Mindy Kanaskie.  I am a native Pittsburgher who comes from a large, loud, traditional Italian and Polish family.  We were raised to have a sturdy and honest work ethic, to be self-sufficient, to help others and to always maintain a sense of humor.  Those traits  combined with a professional 'can-do' spirit, and a background in television production management, has equipped me in managing projects in challenging situations.  I have found that it has served me well in asking....."How can I Help?


Decluttering a home or office.

Preparing a home/room for an aging parent.

Home organization.

Residence maintenance while homeowner is on location or vacation.

Office organization.

Downsizing homes.

Helping you clean out, donate, dispose of and safekeep your 


Small repairs.

Holiday card organization.

Paperwork management.

Home Inventory.


Email me.

Better yet, give me a call.

How Can I Help?

(818) 521-1608

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P. Jackson, Los Angeles

  • Worked with Mindy for years in “the business”. She’s smart, hard working and gets it done with a smile on her face.  I’m thrilled she’s started a business helping others beyond film/TV production. I’ve hired her many times for various jobs, including helping me broker art and collectibles for estate sales. She’s simply fantastic.  Everything gets done fast and with a great attitude.  Mindy is a life saver when you need a helping hand. 

Mari H. - Burbank, CA/Folsom

  • Mindy has been invaluable to me and my family.  We started using her to help get our home ready for sale.  We loved her so much, she helped with the move and with then with the set up in the new house too.  She’s a wonderful, smart, hard, enthusiastic hard worker/problem solver. We literally could not have done our move without her.  We don’t miss LA, but we sure do miss Mindy!

Terry K. - Los Angeles, CA

  •  I am more than happy and grateful for the service you provided for me during my move. You are excellent at what you do, efficient, organized, caring and get the job done right. I highly recommend you to anyone who needs help with a move, packing, unpacking and getting organized.  I will be using your service again. Thank you!

Lee Sankowich - Pittsburgh/Los Angeles/Marin County 

  • I first met Mindy when she was the Theatre Department Secretary and assistant to the Head of the Department at Carnegie Mellon University, one of the most prestigious Theatre Schools in the world. She held this responsibility while in her early 20s with great respect and effectiveness. In the recent past she has worked for me as an assistant in business and personal transactions and matters. She is tireless and completely focused on the tasks at hand. She is mentally and physically strong. Results have, every time, been equal to or exceeded my expectations. She is the first person I have and will go to at any time I need assistance whether it be clerical, advisory, packing and moving or any other myriad of needs. She’s the best!